How to Store Your Leather Coat

Once you have purchased the perfect leather coat, you want to keep it looking great for many seasons. Leather coats can be expensive, and when you have made an investment in your wardrobe, you don't want improper storage during the off season to ruin your new leather coat!

Proper storage of your leather coat can ensure years of enjoyable wear, if you follow a few quick tips. First, keep your garment away from heat, humidity, and moths that may eat the lining of a leather coat. This means that basements (which are often damp or humid) and garages (which often have temperature fluctuations) are not the best spots to store your leather coat. Try a dry, indoor closet instead. Leather coats, much like fur coats, should always be stored in a cool, dry area away from direct or indirect sunlight which can fade the color of your coat. Leather coats should also never be stored in plastic, because as an animal product, leather needs to "breathe." It will maintain its color, shape, and texture better if stored in a cloth bag or draped with a clean white sheet.

Since leather coats need to breathe, make sure they are not crammed into an overstuffed closet. If possible, keep one to two inches between each hanger. A good way to free up closet space may be to use spacebags to shrink the size of linens or other items. Do not, however, use a spacebag to store a leather coat, as spacebags are made of plastic and remove the air from around clothing, which will damage leather. As for how to hang your coat, in addition to keeping enough space between hangers, make sure you choose the right kind of hanger so that it does not damage your leather coat. Wire hangers are not preferred, as they can puncture leather, and are also often too flimsy to hold heavy leather coats. Try padded or wooden hangers for best results, because they can support the weight of the coat and won't leave any marks on your leather coat, helping it retain its shape.

Though you want to keep your leather coats (and all clothes) moth-free, don't use moth balls or cedar balls near a leather coat. Their smell will adhere to the leather and will be difficult if not impossible to remove once you have taken your coat out of storage. Because odors can easily be absorbed by leather, don't store your leather coat near any soiled clothes, or even in a closet with an air freshener.

If you have a particularly valuable leather coat, dependable dry cleaners have temperature and humidity controlled vaults for proper storage that you can rent out for a season. These specialty cleaners usually can provide an annual cleaning of your leather coat and then store it until the colder months.

Another good tip before storing your leather coat is to repair any loose buttons, ripped linings, or other small problems before you put away your coat for the season.