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Cancer - The Crab - Head sign of the Water Triplicity
June 21 to July 22

Common Ailments for Cancer
Ailments likely to attack Cancer people are weak digestion and gastric troubles.

Cancer Personal Appearance

Cancer people are usually of medium stature, rather large in the upper portion of the body, with round face, soft skin, tawny or very pale complexion, small features, and light or grayish eyes. They are apt to be weak in constitution.

Cancer Faults

Cancer faults are laziness, selfishness, jealousy, vanity, and love of money for money's sake and for purposes of display. The undeveloped Cancer woman will go to great lengths to obtain the garments and jewels which her really fine taste covets beyond anything else in the world. These women like to wear sparkling gems, and are always striving to show them to the best advantage.

The men, as well as the women, are inordinately fond of seeing their names in print, and are always seeking the plaudits of the mob. They can be very cruel and vindictive, and are quick to resent a personal criticism.

The women are exceedingly fickle and inconstant, and on this account are seldom happily married. They exact constancy in others, and appear to be quite unaware of their own derelictions in this respect. They claim to be the paragons of truth, but are inclined to much fabrication.

Cancer is the only sign of the Zodiac governed by the Moon, and the changeable qualities of the people are attributed to its influence.

Cancer Growth
As Cancer people have great aptitude in earning new things, they should give themselves to such study as will strengthen the will and enlighten the conscience. Spiritual and metaphysical subjects should be taken up, and the substitution of the true for the false, the reality for the sham, should be religiously attempted.

Women who are fond of their diamonds should wear no diamonds; they should set themselves to the work of cultivating the inner life by turning their backs upon externalities and personalities, especially masculine personalities.

They should strive for loyalty, constancy, nobility in all matters. They should put a bridle on their tongues, and cultivate respect as well as toleration for other people's opinions.

Cancer Children
The greatest care should be taken with Cancer children, and their training and development should commence very early. Their exceeding sensitiveness makes them hard to manage, although they are very obliging and gentle if properly treated. They are sympathetic with sorrow and suffering, but inclined to dwell upon the abnormal aspects of these conditions, and to grow very nervous and excited when describing them.

The attention of these children should be turned in babyhood to the contemplation of the true, the sweet, the tender, the harmonious. They should not be taken to funerals, nor made to spend much time with people who are very ill. They should always be dressed simply, no matter what the social position or condition of the parents. In every possible way the attention of the young should be turned to the attainment of "a meek and quiet spirit."

It is an especially good plan to have regular times for them to sit perfectly still and perfectly silent. Five minutes three or four times a day will be of the greatest assistance in their development. Such periods of rest from all activity of tongue and limb are very helpful for the restless, nervous, and talkative children of every sign.

The proper development of Cancer children is often seriously retarded by over-fond parents, nurses, and guardians, who insist upon clasping them close to themselves. These electro-magnetic conditions are annoying, exciting, and very debilitating to the nervous system. No child should sleep with old people, but this is particularly true of Cancer children, who are very easily depleted and made ill.

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