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Pisces - The Fish - Last sign of the Water Triplicity
February 19 to March 21

Common Ailments for Pisces
Ailments that Pisces people may become subject to are pains in the head, feet, and back, and weakness of the digestive organs. The male is often attacked by periods of despondency and self-censure, which lead to serious illness. The female is troubled by fits of melancholy and weeping, and frequently suffers from uterine difficulties..

Pisces Personal Appearance

Pisces people are usually full-faced, with placid, sleepy eyes, and apt to be round-shouldered.

Pisces Faults

Worry, anxiety, and diseased imagination are the most formidable faults of Pisces. Some of Pisces beat their hearts out with imagining fears, and are constantly expecting accidents and unpleasant tidings. This anxiety makes them prematurely old.

Pisces men, probably on account of their training and education, are more careful and methodical in their daily habits than Pisces women, although just as restless. The women are wavering and uncertain in all their actions. They lose their belongings, and mislay those of other people. They drop things and forget to pick them up, and sometimes are so superlatively careless in all household matters that even their sweet and helpful dispositions cannot make up for the trouble they create in a well-ordered household.

There is a peculiar obstinacy in the Pisces character, which sometimes becomes a most formidable element to deal with, and really seems inexplicable, but it is easily explained. The natural timidity and abnormal delicacy of Pisces people acts as a constant restraint, and after a while the nature becomes tired of the yoke of its own placing and rebels. At this crisis they show a stubbornness which is even more disagreeable than that of the stiff-necked Taurus, and they have neither logic nor consistency.

They will say and do the most absurd things, and stick to them. At such times, argument and advice are useless. The more they are reasoned with, the more obstinate they become. In the acceptance of a new theory or truth which they have previously repudiated, Pisces men are quite likely to declare that it is precisely what they have always believed. One of the great faults of this sign is intellectual dishonesty.

Pisces people are apt to talk too much, and they have a tedious habit of asking questions. When united in marriage to those who object to giving an account of themselves, and who, as in the case of Libra people, have no patience with those who exact reasons and explanations, serious trouble is the inevitable result.

Some of the people born under Pisces are also very inattentive, and will interrupt a speaker or a conversation with the most irrelevant remarks, plainly showing that they have not understood a word that has been said. This causes them to appear very impolite. When told of their faults, their mortification leads them to a quick resentment or a deep-seated sullenness.

Pisces Growth
People born under Pisces should first of all learn the value of silence. They should have a private retiring place, a sanctuary, where for a few moments each day they can be safe from conflict and intrusion. They should not allow anything to break into these vitally necessary pauses. Their restlessness, anxiety, and heedlessness are at the bottom of much of the trouble that sometimes affects this peculiar but most lovable people.

They must first learn to work out their own salvation before they accept the responsibility of saving others, and to realize that prodigality in giving always defeats the purpose of the giver. They should try to understand that money has made more vagabonds than poverty, and that the weakness of fond relatives has often driven to destruction those who might have been saved had they been wisely helped to self-reliance.

Pisces Children
Many precocious children are born in the sign of Pisces, and the average child is sensible, affable, kind-hearted, and exceedingly sensitive. Even in early childhood they do not like to be dependent upon others, and illustrate one of the chief weaknesses of the sign in the endeavor to give away all they possess. This trait, sweet and praiseworthy as it seems to the fond parent, is one to be very carefully dealt with, as it frequently develops into dishonesty.

If a Pisces child is not early restrained from such prodigality, he will deceive his guardians, and sometimes take things that do not belong to him, to gratify this inordinate desire.

It is well to see that these children have a regular allowance, which is to cover certain clearly indicated expenses, as their future usefulness will be seriously impaired if they are not made to understand the value of money.

They must be taught that an acknowledgment of their faults or their disobedience is something to be proud of, instead of something to be ashamed of. They should be treated with steady kindness, but they should be made to feel the responsibility of their tasks and studies. Too much attention cannot be directed to the formation of neat and tidy habits, and a respect for other people's things.

They sometimes show a peculiar obstinacy, which is mistaken for will, and which the parents foolishly talk of breaking. One might better break the neck of a Pisces child than attempt to break his will. His stubbornness is usually the result of shame, which owes its origin to real delicacy and sensitiveness, and which has been brought to the front by a mistake in government.

Pisces children should be led to think and to decide things for themselves by means of principles which they are exceedingly quick to understand if properly trained.

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